It’s Nice to be Right

by Dr Swaggins

In my previous post about the upcoming Indiana primary I predicted that it would be a key state in determining the winner of the Republican nomination. Here’s a Politico article by Shane Goldmacher, with such goodies as “no state in the coming weeks of the Republican presidential contest is viewed by the campaigns as more consequential than Indiana” and this quote from some dweeb by the name of McIntosh, “There is now no state more important than Indiana for electing Cruz and keeping Trump from reaching 1,237.”

McIntosh does have some significance in the grand scheme of the election, since he’s the president of the Club for Growth Action Fund, a conservative super PAC which according to the above article is gearing up for the Battle of Indiana, and have chosen to side with Cruz.

I did a little bit of research as to who those people are and what their goals are, and it’s enough to warrant its own post. Expect to see that soon.

As for how Trump is doing in Indiana, here’s the updates: according to the Politico article I linked in the first paragraph, three independent polls have found the following results for the pivotal state of Indiana:

  1. Trump and Cruz tied at 32%.
  2. Also a tie.
  3. Trump ahead by an undisclosed amount.
  4. Here’s a fourth by Fox News pegging Trump a full eight points ahead. And this one’s the most recent.

As I stated in my previous post, Trump will win if we can get John “Golly gee” Kasich out of the way or if Trump wins Indiana. In the former case, his only remaining task is to consistently beat Ted Cruz, which is almost assured, and in the latter case the delegate math gets really hard for his opponents. Fortunately, this Tuesday is going to bring us closer to both goals.

In fact, tomorrow will look more like Trump’s coronation ceremony than anything else. Seriously, look at the latest polls. Cruz and Kasich showed their desperation recently when they decided to attempt to dogpile him and even announced it. Naturally, Trump is blasting them for having done so.

Going into the Indiana primary, voters are going to be thinking about the following recent events:

  1. Colorado is stolen in a flagrant violation of democratic principles,
  2. Cruz and Kasich openly collaborate and rub their palms like oligarchs to stop We The People’s choice candidate,
  3. They fail spectacularly at it,
  4. Trump crushes them and the gap between them for both voters and delegates widens, with two decisive and consecutive victories at New York and on Trump Tuesday,
  5. Cruz is mathematically eliminated,
  6. Kasich (the more popular of the two in the Northeast) fails to stop Trump Tuesday, and
  7. Trump sets his next targets as those devils who stole Indiana’s jobs.

To the public, Cruz and Kasich will appear (accurately) as two corrupt, incompetent, bumbling fools, just the latest in a series of idiots who Trump put through a meat grinder. When they see Cruz and Kasich go on the news and say “we’re still in this, we’ll stop Trump from reaching 1237,” they will react with nothing but disgust. Even the pundits who previously supported them might get tired of them.

Indiana voters are going to imagine Trump doing to ISIS or Carrier or the next douchebag du jour what he did to Cruz, Kasich, and all of his previous opponents. Meanwhile, the single reason that there are Republicans who don’t vote Trump- namely, fear that he isn’t electable- will dissolve once they see Trump’s electability clearly exceeding the combined (non-)electability of his rivals.

His odds in Indiana are good, and if he wins that, there will be no stopping him.

It’s Nice to be Right

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