Argumentum Ad Genitalium: the Logical Fallacy of the Negro

by Dr Swaggins

I’ve been working with RaceRealist over at the Not Politically Correct blog on a refutation to Jayman’s odd denial of EGI, and he sent me an amusing (and telling) argument made by Jayman on the subject of miscegenation. From Jayman’s article linked above:

“One feature of these individuals is a visceral opposition to ‘race mixing’ (ignoring the fact that such gave us the modern races we see today). Well to those guys, I say I’ve been busy spreading my Black (and other) genes into the White gene pool here in Maine.”

Okay, first off, just because new races have been created by admixture does not mean that they should be. Secondly, if we accept his point that mixing races creates new ones, then that means that race mixing could lead to an entire population of IQ 93 mulattoes. One smart Black guy wandering up to Maine- and I’ve heard that Jayman is the only Black man to have made it that far North- and knocking boots with the locals isn’t going to open a hole to the fourth dimension or something, but I have to imagine that Maine would cease to be such an abundantly pleasant place if 100,000 Blacks did that.

My favorite part of this article, though, and by a wide margin, is the fact that he’s essentially bragging about having sex with his wife in an ill conceived attempt to irritate us racists. You would not believe the number of times Black men come onto race realist forums bragging about fornicating with White women, or of course, claiming that they have sex with your daughter/mother/girlfriend etc. To what end, I have absolutely no idea. What’s the argument? That Black men are primal, meaty, sexual beasts? Even if that were true, it wouldn’t make them capable of doing all the neat stuff that White people do (constitutions, skyscrapers, space programs, you know how it is). In this case in particular, Jayman bringing up his procreation with a White women isn’t an argument of any kind against EGI; on the contrary, bringing it up just shows his bias.

Anyway, the sheer ubiquity of this kind of statement during debates with Black men is comparable to Godwin’s Law, if not exceeding it. Even Jayman, an intelligent guy, will eventually find himself mentioning what he does with his genitals, as if the odds of a Black man bragging about his sex with White women asymptotically approach 100% as the conversation goes on.

Of all the fallacious arguments I’ve ever seen, every one of them was made either out of ignorance or sophistry, right up until this one. I don’t even know what to say about this one. “Muh dik, therefore I am?” The icing on the cake is that none of these Black men seem to be aware of the fact that nearly every one of their kinsmen to talk to us eventually said basically that same thing, to the point where we have jokes about it.

Here’s to hoping that the Argumentum Ad Genitalium continues to be an endless source of entertainment.

Argumentum Ad Genitalium: the Logical Fallacy of the Negro

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