Trump’s path forward

by Dr Swaggins

In yesterday’s article I outlined some of the importance of Ohio and how the establishment GOP and their donors managed to grab those 66 delegates. In spite of the titanic efforts on behalf of the GOP to win Ohio, it may have gotten them nothing in the long run. As David Wasserman reported on the fivethirtyeight live election blog, “Trump could make up for all 66 delegates he lost in Ohio with huge delegate margins in Illinois and Missouri.” As it turned out, he did win Illinois and he won Missouri as well, by the skin of his teeth: a margin of less than 2000 votes. Those two thousand votes were apparently pretty valuable, since the winner in Missouri is rewarded 12 extra delegates.

The brutal irony of this becomes apparent when you take Nate Silver’s observation (also on the fivethirtyeight blog) into account: “Cruz would be leading Trump in Missouri by about 4 percentage points in a two-way race,” which I suppose is a polite way of saying that Cruz would’ve won that state and at least twelve more delegates were it not for Kasich. This means that if we were to consider the Ohio strategy purely as a numbers game, it has already backfired to the tune of at least 18% of what they’ve worked so hard to win.

It is also possible that certain machinations in Illinois backfired. Trump won 39% of the vote when he was expected to win 33% as of March 7. A possible explanation for this is given by a couple of analysts on Trump’s payroll, who told him that his numbers would go up after the Soros-funded assault on his rally attendees. Trump won 42 more delegates in Illinois than Cruz did.

The upshot of this is that Trump fans can celebrate the incompetence of the people trying to stop their man from getting into the White House. So far, these people are giving Trump nearly as much as they’re taking away from him. (This is why I scratch my head whenever someone says that SJWs are going to take over the world: SJWs are so stupid that they can only win when the game is wildly rigged in their favor, and the people organizing the SJWs have as little idea what they’re doing as their pawns do; Bernie is these people’s best chance of gaining the ridiculous amounts of power they want, and he’s going to lose because he shares their stupidity.)

The popcorn worthy display of neocons and offbrand Marxists repeatedly shooting themselves in their feet may be an amusing thing to talk about, but what remain at the end of the day are the numbers: Trump needs 564 more delegates to stave off the oligarchy’s attempts to strip him of the nomination. That’s 53%. According to a new poll by The Economist and YouGov, that happens to be Trump’s popular support among Republican voters.

Even if his numbers were less than 53% in truth, or if some of his supporters left in spite of their general loyalty, he would still have a solid chance. Many of the states that remain are winner take all or have a hybrid system of one form or another, which generally benefits the front runner, and he’s expected to do well in a collection of upcoming states, all of which are either WTA or use a hybrid system.

Lastly, his only significant opponent still in the game is totally unprepared for him. Cruz’s biggest demographics are conservatives and evangelicals, which generally means “Bible bangers from the South,” and he already lost the entire American Southeast to Trump. Cruz can’t scoop up more of the anti establishment vote than Trump can, and much of the support he might get from pro establishment voters will be soaked up by Kasich, likely leading to another Missouri situation and even more delegates for Donald Trump.

Trump’s strategy now is probably to sweep up those states that Roger Stone mentioned in the article I linked above, for the delegates and perhaps even more so to crush the remaining momentum of Cruz’s campaign. After that, the single greatest event in American political history is going to take place: Donald Trump is going to humiliate, excoriate, expose, and sap all of the hope out of Hillary Clinton in a heretofore uncharted level of Stumping. It’ll be a delicious form of karma for Clinton, it’ll be the biggest theater of the political war between the American people and their oligarchs to date, and I predict that it’ll be the finest work that Trump has ever done, a veritable magnum opus in his career of making other people look like incompetent, clownish fools.

More so than any other political aspirant in recent history, Donald Trump’s ascension has been an incredible spectacle to behold. He beat Jeb Bush and his $80 million, he’s beating all of the GOP establishment figures from my last article, and he may confront and even trounce the Democratic party, including Clinton, Soros, and a massive horde of SJW goons. I don’t know about you guys, but I really want to see this happen.

Trump’s path forward

Trump vs the Neocons: the Battle of Ohio

by Dr Swaggins

The intense political warfare between Donald Trump and the Neoconservative establishment has been an equally fascinating and infuriating thing to watch. Although Mitt Romney’s recent anti Trump speech was hilariously ineffective at convincing GOP voters to support their establishment masters, it included a GOP power play for a brokered convention. For all you normies wondering why Kasich, the fourth banana and a nonfactor thus far, was able to win Ohio on the same night that Rubio suffered a brutal loss (19% difference) in his home state, this article is your introduction to the biggest and most successful attempt by the establishment to stop Donald Trump.

Seeing that Trump was overwhelmingly favored to win Florida, Romney and other establishment figures set their sights on Ohio, with the intention of taking away enough delegates from Trump that he wouldn’t be able to reach the delegate count necessary to secure the nomination in the first round of voting; in the second round of voting, the unpledged delegates (all of them Republican politicians) may give Cruz the number of delegates he needs to defeat Trump and take the nomination.

Winning Ohio, in turn, would take a lot of big names, money, man hours, and connections:

  • A candidate with a solid chance of beating Trump in the form of Ohio’s current governor, John Kasich.
  • An organization capable of counteracting Trump’s ability to manipulate the media in the form of the specifically anti-Trump Our Principles PAC. The idea is to get a bunch of rich guys like Paul Singer, the Ricketts family, and Meg Whitman (the CEO of Hewlett Packard, which itself profits from outsourcing, a practice that Trump aims to stop) to help pay for anti Trump ads. Ironically- and hypocritically- these include jabs relating to Trump’s own history of outsourcing. If they’re going to criticize him for having done something that their biggest donors do all the time, it would appear that their “Principles” boil down to 1) fuck Donald Trump, 2) fuck Donald Trump, and 3) fuck Donald Trump, in no particular order.
  • An endorsement from another big Ohioan, in this case John Boehner.
  • Extra support from good old Mittens himself.
  • A lack of competition with fellow neocons. Had Rubio or Cruz aggressively campaigned in Iowa it would have split the neocon vote and skewed the odds in favor of Trump. Of course, that’s not what actually happened. Yes, these guys who are supposed to be rivals are literally teaming up on the big guy.

If you asked the average American what voting was about, they’d tell you it was about picking leaders. To these establishment types, it looks more like an investment. The Our (nonexistent) Principles PAC’s pitch to these billionaires even sounds like a sales pitch complete with promises that they’re going to get bang for their buck: “They stressed its extensive work against Trump in Iowa, the one state he has failed to win.” To give an impression of how rich and powerful some of these people are, Paul Singer is the head honcho of a firm that has attempted to repo the assets of a G20 nation. To some degree they’ve succeeded. Instead of a personal income, this guy earns the equivalent of a small GDP every year, and he’s not the only anti-Trump donor to whom that description could apply. All of them are trying to use this power to stir the pot until someone other than Trump settles at the top. To use the example of Singer again, his support for Rubio most likely stemmed from the fact that Rubio is someone from whom he likely had much to gain- at the taxpayer’s expense, naturally.

Ordinary Americans want to live in a real nation: real borders, real law enforcement, real protection from an unfair globalist economy, and a real economy of our own with healthy industries of our own, all of which the establishment seems to gain nothing from, and much of which they’ve been actively opposing. All we want is to do good, honest work, go home to our families, and enjoy what little time we have with them before we shuffle off this mortal coil. With the exception of the mathematically challenged folks supporting Bernie, we don’t ask for much.

Meanwhile, there’s a cabal of billionaires and politicians endlessly scheming and conspiring, continually stacking the deck in their own favor, compulsively clutching to as much power over our society as they can possibly hold. For all of Trump’s victories today, these sociopaths won the Battle of Ohio, and they will not stop conspiring to place one of their hand picked candidates in the office of President.

The mustard seed of faith that I have in such a cancerous system will be planted in the form of a vote for Donald Trump.

As for Rubio, and his big money backers like Paul Singer and Norman Braman? Thanks for coming out.

Trump vs the Neocons: the Battle of Ohio